A Daughter's Plea

Lol, at the title. So, here goes..

Balenciaga bag in purple
Image courtesy: http://www.lavish.ca

Dear Mom,

I've been lusting on that bag for ages, and we both know that you're not even using it..it's just inside your closet. I really think that the bag should be used to it's full extent and purpose. I know you don't like toting it around because it's over-sized, hence, I'm volunteering myself to use it. I know I'm careless, I know I lose tons of stuff, but I definitely won't lose that bag! In fact, it will even come handy with all my stuff since it's really spacious. I've been dying to try on that bag since the beginning of time (spell, since that time I saw Kendall Jenner use it). I'm 19 years old and I'm old enough to use such. 

I hope you understand my plea and appeal. If you don't, I'll be forced to get it from your closet and use it without your permission. You left me with no choice. You don't want me to be bad girl, do you?? :p


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