Under Construction

I'm working on my blog and I'm carefully planning out the things that I'm supposed to add. Basically, my blog is under construction, and it will remain that way for a month or so. So expect me to undergo a hiatus, but I'll surely be back with better posts! I must admit that I'm going through writer's block at the moment, and I need to find inspirations within myself so I can write meaningful entries. I need to take my posts up a notch since this blogging thing has already become one of my passions. I asked close friends and family for suggestions on what I should change, so here's what you'll be expecting:

  • Outfit shots - I'm seriously not a fashionista, but I'll work on it. Try being the operative term. But please don't expect me to be as good as Camille Co, geez she's a goddess okay? 
  • DIY - I have a lot of things planned for this department. Let me put myself together.
  • Beauty Loot - I'm not necessarily a beauty expert nor a beauty blogger but I can work around this area. Makeup, skin care and all that jazz..coming soon!!
  • Food posts - I am a self-confessed foodie and I'm not sure why this aspect is not incorporated in my blog. Well if it is, it's not that noticeable. So expect more posts on my wanderlust in the midst of the culinary world. Lolwhat? 
  • Fan girl chronicles - Well, that's a part of my expertise.. "fangirling"! I know it's kinda odd, but trust me..you'll love the people that I will write about. 
  • Better layout, better photos, better header..better everything. 
Overall, I think I'll retain the randomness of my blog. I don't wanna conform to a certain genre since this is my personal blog after all. I'm just searching ways on how to improve it. Let me take a break and I promise I'll be back!!

Avec amour,

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