Pizza and Monsters

The holiday season gives me all the time in the world to see people that I don't get to be with during busy days. Usually, I do a movie date with my friends and today is a good example. I met up at Robinson's Magnolia with my best friend, Pauline and my older sister tagged along. It was actually my first time to go that mall, and I'm definitely going back again! It's such a chill place and by far a classy one (if you guys know what I mean). Nice interiors, good AC system, tons of al fresco restaurants!! 

We had lunch at Uncle Cheffy then watched an MMFF film titled, The Strangers. It's this story about a family who got lost in an isolated province which was said to be infested with aswangs. I'm a sucker for thrillers so I was totally hooked! I think the movie was half baked, but the twist was okay. Plus, Enrique Gil still looks oh so sexy and handsome even if he showed his monstrous side.  ;)

Lunch at Uncle Cheffy, plus The Strangers

Christmas ain't over yet!! 

Happy Holidays! x

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