We had to visit Philippine Orthopedic Center for our Orthosis and Prosthesis class last Thursday, and that day was full of random surprises. It gave us a chance to meet up with our friends and batchmates from UST! Unplanned stuff are really those that push through. All over, it was an afternoon full of catching up and bashing. Hehe. Nothing really changed, except for our uniforms.. lol.

Looking nerdy between Botch and Den.. :(

And lastly, the whole gang.. the original UST OT Batch 2014! Now, UST-EAC-FEU! Represent!!

I'm glad that I was able to update this little blog of mine. Forgive me, I don't want this site to die down or whatever. It's just that there is nothing much to blog or write about. I mean, I can't always rant about the struggles of being in senior year, right? 


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