Day Dress Sunday

As they say, Sunday is family day and today wasn't anything different. I woke up at 8:30 in the morning, looked at the ceiling, listened to music then got up thirty minutes after to eat some breakfast. I took a bath after, then opened my closet and found Narnia again. I really need to fix the contents of my wardrobe. Denims were boring me a lot. Then, I saw the Zara day dress my cousin gave me. I decided to wear it. My family takes extra long hours to prepare, so we were able to leave the house at 11:30. We went to Robinson's Midtown to stroll and get some lunch.

Here's my very first outfit of the day pictures. Someone please remind me to go on a diet. :(
Day dress from Zara. Brown sandals from Greenhills. Black chain sling bag from FYH (Follow Your Heart)

My sister and I are suckers for books, and every time we go to the mall, we go straight to the book shops. Particularly, Powerbooks! That's one place that I can define as heaven. I strolled around, and yet again, I found tons of books that I'll add to my shopping list come Christmas. I particularly like this book titled, "The Eternal Ones" by Kirsten Miller. My list goes on..

There's a New York Times Best Seller about Manhattan Vampires. I guess most of you know or have read it already. Well, I haven't. I'll get my hands on the book soon. Just a fact, it's written by a Cebuana. Pinay pride! Here's a shot of the book. 
Powerbooks spell heaven. 
Since I was saving money for something else, I decided to buy the September issue of Candy Magazine. I have two purposes for it. Just for the sake of buying something and use it as a ticket for the Candy Fair! ;)

Random shots throughout the day.
Here's how much I love Javier. :P
Before going home, we passed by this thrift store a.k.a ukay ukay! I love thrift stores! They practically have the best vintage finds! I bought this black Anna Sui top for 105 pesos, which I particularly adore! Gives me the vintage vibe! I'm planning to tweak this top a little bit, though.
Heartbreaking moment of the day:
Since I viewed Nicole Andersson's blog, the satchel bag that she had never left my mind. I wanted to get one too. I passed by Cole Vintage today, and I realized that she bought the satchel there! I jumped in and found them! They were being sold for 899. Such a good deal, right? But, the colors were dull. I asked if they had the red one, and the saleslady said that they sold the LAST red satchel. My mom was egging me to get the green or the yellow one. But, hell no. I'm gonna look for that red satchel and get it. Patience is the key!

So, that's my day today!  I'M TURNING 19 TOMORROW!! I'm not expecting anything grand out of it though. I'll cut this entry now. I need to go back to reality and study for my quizzes.

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche

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