19th birthday, unexpected greetings and Karate Kid

I'M OFFICIALLY 19 YEARS OLD! Yes, I'm on my last teen year. I'm definitely not getting any younger. Let me tell you how it went. Hmm, let's start with the words: pretty normal. 

I got up at 5 in the morning, opened my Facebook account and saw tons of greets from people. I "liked" each post and typed "thank you". But, there were some sweet greetings that are just too touching, so I had to reply a little more. I was overwhelmed even further when I got text messages from friends, cousins and from unexpected people. I was surprised that those unexpected ones greeted me, and that assured me that everything is still fine and no broken bridges.


I opened my Yahoo mail, checked its contents and squealed. Here's what I saw..

JAVY GIL FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! :"> But wait, there's more!
He greeted me a "happy birthday" as well! Cardiac! That started my birthday on a good note!
I came out of the room to take a bath and get ready for school. My mom saw me and hugged me and told me, "Happy Birthday!" My dad and sister were out already since my dad drops my sister off at school extra early because of the swimming training. 

I went to school and my classmates greeted me as soon as I entered the classroom. Almost everyone gushed about my new fringe too, especially my full bangs. Yes, my bang are so back in action! :) First class of the day was HBOT, and we had to do this paper open forum kind of thing, where you pass a paper around with your name on it and people will write positive and negative traits about you. When I got my paper, I was so happy with what they wrote. Most were happy birthday. Some said, simple, caring, nice, friendly, approachable, dependable, sweet, charming, pretty, cute. One even drew a heart on my paper! I'm glad that people find me as a nice person. I felt so flattered. As I would always say, I am nice to those who are nice as well. I'm a bitch to those who deserve it! Anyway, those in the negative part were generic. They would say I'm shy and quiet. That's all. 

After the class, Vanessa and I went to Robinson's Midtown to have some lunch. I treated her of course! We were really hungry, so we looked for a place where there's unlimited rice. So, we went to Karate Kid! I love that place. I think they replaced Tokyo Tokyo in the Japanase fast food scene already. They have good ambiance and fast service. Vanessa ordered Chicken Teriyaki, I had Pork Tonkatsu (my favorite) plus potato balls. 

Got the number 34, don't know if it was something significant.
Vanessa's Chicken Teriyaki. Looks so delish... You can totally see how happy she is! 
Here's my ultimate favorite, Pork Tonkatsu! The potato balls was nomnomnom, except for the mustard.
Hello, everyone! I'm 19 years old already! Sorry for being vain, but I think my hair looks really good in this picture! 
Vanessa and I love pigging out so much, we didn't even notice we finished our first cup of rice. We had to request for another one. Well, it's unlimited anyway! ;)

After eating, we strolled around and went to Timezone for photo booth. We were able to take two sets of pictures for just 40 pesos each. I haven't scanned the photos yet. I'll post them soon! But, here's what I got! My sister reckons that I look Korean-ish on the pictures because of my hair and my eye make-up. That made me really happy!

I love you, Vanessa!
It feels so great to have an fun "date" with one of your closest friends, because you get to talk about anything and everything! 

So, that's how my day went. Pretty simple, but memorable.
Cheers to me! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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