Sweet little things

I'm not your typical girl. Scratch that. I'm not a superficial kind of girl. I take joy in the simplest things. I even appreciate the smallest of things as long as it came from the heart and it has effort. 

Yesterday, my friends gave me a mini-surprise! It's like three days post my real birthday, so it was clear that it was totally unexpected. So, I was on my way to our room after having a quick spot check in the ladies room. My friends April, Vanessa and Denise stopped me and told me to close my eyes and put my palms in front of April's thighs. It was an awkward position and at that time, I was pretty sure they were tricking me. Then, April opened her jacket and out fell a package wrapped in a purple paper! Post-its were stuck on the front and by gist, I was able to understand that they were messages for me!

I WAS TOUCHED BEYOND BELIEF. The little surprise made my day. I have such sweet friends. I'm lucky to have them! 

Here's the contents of the package!

Kitkat. One of my favorite chocolates.
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar. Another favorite!
Pink Piggy Scissors. This pair of scissors made me extra happy! I'm a sucker for pink and pigs, and this is two in one! Thanks, friends! Sooooo cute!
Here are some of the post-its. I just had to read all of them over and over. Thank you for the sweet messages! :) Sorry for the poor resolution. 
I feel so blessed that I have friends like them. I feel even more grateful for the fact that I grew up as someone who has simple joys. I love my friends, and I'm pretty sure they are aware of it!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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