Day One: Ten things you wanna say to ten different people right now

1. Don't give up, life has ups and downs. Keep your head up and smile. You're a great person, and I believe I you can conquer these current challenges.
2. I never thought that I'll get over you, but I actually did. So I think, it's time for you to deflate that airhead of yours down one notch, because boy, you're really not all that. By the way, you still have my book. You can have it.
3. You have gone way overboard. You've been believing things that really aren't there. I feel sorry for you. I pray that soon, you may see reason.
4. Papasa tayo! More effort.
5. Sorry for being such an ass lately. It's just that you did something that offended me. But, it's all okay now. I missed you! Let's hang out soon.
6. I really hate how you act right now. You think you're cool, but then you're not.
7. Don't mind those people who are dissing you, I got your back.
8. Thank you for the love, the support and for the motivation. But, lately, I feel like I don't deserve it. I think I'm bound to disappoint you. Sorry. :(
9. I can't wait to see you on September 24th!
10. Put me in your trunk, give me airplane food, take me to where you're going. I'll seriously be friendless if you leave. :(

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