Lunch Date: Steaks Unlimited

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with three of my favorite girlies at Steaks Unlimited. We all had an awesome time, I miss doing things like this with these crazy chickas! Live, love, lafang could be our motto because we tend to pig out whenever we can. It was a perfect time to catch up, unwind and eat a lot!!

I took a couple of pictures of the place, so consider this blog entry as a mini-review of the place as well. 

Almost everything in the menu is priced at 88 pesos, and it comes with unlimited rice! Downside is, there's no drink along with that. But, for heavy eaters like me and my friends, it sounds like it's a good deal. As they say, "Ang tunay na babae, nag-eextra rice!" There are meals priced below the above mentioned, but those don't qualify for the unlimited rice offer. 
The place has a nice ambiance, good lighting, awesome sound system (which plays up to date music, thank goodness) and good air-conditioning. I'll give it 4 stars! Oh, and fast service as well! Did I mention they have lcd tv? Hip!
Let the randomness begin..

Here's what I had: T-bone Steak. The gravy was nomnomnom. 4.5 stars!! Priced at 88 pesos. I had extra servings of rice of course!

Den's meal: Sizzling Squid. Priced at 88 pesos. We were a bit disappointed at the size, but it tasted good according to her.
April's meal: Tanigue Steak. Priced at 88 pesos. The butter that came along with it made it perfect!
Ze happy girls, after eating!
Denise and Vanessa
April and yours truly! 
I totally recommend this place to those who love steak. Visit: STEAKS UNLIMITED at ITower condominium along P.Noval Street, Sampaloc Manila. UST Area!

It's always fun and fulfilling to bond with your girl friends, especially over food! Me and my girls are planning another pig out session. I think we'll try Chef D'Angelo's eat-all-you-can!! Can't wait!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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