Candy Fair 2011

I went to the biggest teen event of the year, the annual Candy Fair, located at Megatent Event Venue at Pasig. A day before, I was actually thinking to skip it since I want my Saturday to be a rest day. But, I pushed through with it anyway. My tweener cousin, Molly and I met up at around 1pm and we were en route to the Megatent. Thanks to her mom and dad for giving us a lift!

Molly and her brother and Matt on our way to the venue
The travelling time from Makati to Pasig was pretty short, because we got there at 1:30. The entrance to the venue was packed with Candy girls, in different ages. We lined up, got our magazines checked and we entered the fair! The people from the reception gave us these Kettle Corn packs, which we left somewhere because it was such a hassle to carry around. Mehehehe. We were astounded with the attendees when we got in. There were so many people. Sold out concert lang ang peg! Molly and I looked at each other and we kinda agreed that it's good thing that our other cousin Ate Maureen didn't come because she'll die of the pack and the heat! 

Molly and I walked around and checked the different booths. We tried the Lip Ice photo booth, first. Then, we heard that the program was about to start, so we decided to go closer to the stage. It was so cramped, that people actually had no space to move around. Molly and I contained ourselves to one corner so that we would just see what was going on. But there was this bitchy woman from a booth who shouted at us and said, "COULD YOU LIKE MOVE OVER THERE?! GO!GO!GO!" She looked so stupid defending their booth's spot which was clearly placed in a wrong manner, blocking the STAGE AUDIENCE's right of way. I just looked daggers at her, glared and moved away. I was smart enough not to retaliate that time. Thankfully. 

Random photos. Sorry for the poor resolution. I just used my phone. 
In total Candy girl mode! Those fake grasses from the maze were pretty itchy.
Pre-show and during the show. Countdown, the crowd and NYFD fries that we ate because we were hungry.
Molly with Pia Magalona
Molly with a Candy Cutie. Dunno what his name is! Hahaha.
We saw our favorite bloggers, Vern Enciso, Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon and David Guison! I was too shy to approach the last two, so I just took pictures with the Vern and Camille! They're both even more stunning in person! And extremely nice as well!

Me and Vern Enciso
Molly and Vern
Me and Camille Co
Molly and Camille Co
Me and Candy Cutie, Hans!
Molly with Hans as well.
I'll make a separate post on this one! But here's the pictures. The picture I took of Molly and Javy turned out so blurry because I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. Mehhhh. 

  • James Reid's rendition of "Lazy Song."
  • James Reid and Patrick Sugui's "Party Rock Anthem" number.
  • Arkin Magalona's first time on the Candy Fair stage. He was such a cutie!!
  • Elmo Magalona looking so swag while singing "How to Love" for the Candy girls!
  • Sam Concepcion, looking so handsome and charming while singing "Forever Young". He did it suave and smoothly. I'm thinking of getting a copy of his album, actually. 
  • Elmo and Sam's duet of "Turn off the lights". Damnnnnn!
  • Dino Imperial's ultra cute spiels. 
  • Tribute to AJ Perez (this one gave me goosebumps and actually made me tear up.) 
I must say that the Candy Fair was yet again a success! Kudos to the Candy team! Thanks so much for making all the girlies like me, extremely happy! More power!

We left the venue at 6:30pm, still feeling the giddiness and the excitement. I felt like being in high school all over again! I'm totally looking forward for the next year's fair! I'm proud to say that I'm a CANDY GIRL! 
Thanks so much Molly for a fun day! I know I could always count on you! xx

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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