Dream Come True: Meeting Javy Gil

Whenever I tweet while I'm with my friends, they would always snicker and say, "Ay, nako! Nag-ttweet nanaman si Cassie sa imaginary Javy niya!" I don't mind them of course. I just laugh it off. Well, I've been going kilig for Javy for quite a time now. He's following me on Twitter already, and the last thing that should be done is to meet him. The CANDY FAIR, made it possible.

As I have said in my previous post, I arrived quite late at the event. My cousin, Molly was thinking that we won't be able to see Javy anymore. We were firm on the fact that: "we can't go home until we meet Javy Gil."

We witnessed the Candy Cuties being introduced on stage. Molly and I squealed when we saw Javy! Oh myyyy, such a cutie. Hottie. Basta. Any word that would be equal to "good looking" would be fine! The hosts announced that there would be a meet and greet after the event, so we assumed that we could finally meet Javy there. We found out later that only the celebrities who performed would be in the meet and greet, not the Candy Cuties. My heart fell that time. So, Molly and I decided to walk around just to see if Javy was mingling with the crowd. Since the event was over, some of the CC's were already going home. I was actually having the feeling that we won't be able to meet him. I seriously died a little inside. 

Molly and I waited a little longer and finally saw Javy coming out! A number of girls frantically ran to him. Us as well! Hahahaha! That was sooooo kiddie and fan girly of me! Based on how Javy looked, I think he was tired. I was actually kinda scared because he might get agitated because he was practically being badgered by everyone. No one's perfect, a fact that I always keep in mind. 

I decided to wait for my turn. Then when it was my turn, this girl pushed me aside and said, "Ako muna, Javy! Ako muna!!" She grabbed Javy and took a photo. Hmm, well, that wasn't very nice of her. In my head, I was like, "Ay, teh! Would you die if you wait for your turn and be fair?" I hate people like that. Sheesh. But I kept my cool. 

Javy was very accommodating to the girls. He even told one girl who was holding a Samsung Corby II, "Ganyan din phone ko." 

When the coast was clear, I tapped Javy sheepishly and said, "Javy? Can I take a picture with you?" He looked at me, SMILED and said, "SURE." I swear that my heart raced wild when I saw him smile! Merlin, he's so handsome!! When we posed for the photo, I was being demure and calm but inside, I was screaming with happiness. I wanted to introduce myself as CASSIE FROM TWITTER, but I was shy. Sayang. Thank you, Molly for taking this! xx Excuse my haggard face. This was taken after the event, the heat was murdering me. 
People on Facebook said that we looked good together. A cousin of mine even asked me, "Boyfriend mo?" I wish I could have said yes! Hahaha. But Javy liking someone like me is next to the impossible. Just being realistic! 

Here's what my cousin, Maureen Mina said over Twitter upon seeing the photo. This made me happy. :))

Now, here's Javy and Molly. Sorry, baby girl, your photo was blurred! :( You see, my hands were still shaking from the postive shock of seeing Javy. Hence, I wasn't able to stabilize ze viewfinder of my phone. Javy's face looked funny in this shot though. I dunno if he was impatient, or feeling awkward. But still handsome anyway!
Here's what Ate Mau commented upon seeing their photo! Wahahahaha. 
We went home, still feeling the euphoria from finally meeting Javy Gil.  Yes, FINALLY! He's no longer imaginary, friends! ;) I told Javy before over Twitter, (dunno if he still remembers) that I'll make a part three blog about him once I meet him. THIS IS THE PART THREE BLOG. 

Thanks so much, Javy for being so nice despite of the fact that you were already tired. Thank you for being such a gentleman! I just wish I could have introduced myself, though. Remember when I tweeted about treating you to Frutti Froyo from Pergola? Well, that still stands! I hope I can see you there next time! I want to do a mini-interview with you. IS THAT POSSIBLE? So that I could give my readers an in depth article about you. Pwede ba? Please? DM me or tweet me for your answer!

Yesterday's events made me a happy girl. I'm so happy that I made our photo my dp for both Facebook and Twitter! 

Dreams really do come true, my friends. My encounter with Javy Gil is a proof. Just be determined! Chos! Hahahaha. ;)

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche

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