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I've been feeling the need to update my wardrobe, because every time I open my closet to look for something to wear, I find Narnia instead. Confusion on what to wear is definitely a big dilemma for girls, so I decided to post these style pegs that I would incorporate into my wardrobe. I'm no fashionista, so these are just my ideas of the clothes that would look good on girly girls out there!

I'm a big fan of Korean girls who dress in a playful fashion, preppy styles, florals, day dresses, shorts and lazy day clothes such as polos. I also included photos of one of my favorite style icons, Tricia Gosingtian. Everyone in the blogging scene knows her, and I practically look up to her! 

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. I found them over the Internet. I do not claim ownership for these photos. If anyone wants me to remove the photos on this post, let me know and type it on the comment box.

Boyfriend polo
You'll never go wrong with this basic style piece! It's perfect for those days when you feel wearing something simple. You can wear it with pants, denim shorts and leggings.
Long sleeve tops
These tops just look wonderful. Although they have long sleeves, they are still comfortable to wear. I found the first two pegs on an online shop on Facebook. Visit their page, Shop Till You Drop. These blouses go perfect with skinny jeans, shorts and leggings! 
The look below is perfect for night out activities with your friends. The top, shorts and shoes are a must have. If anyone knows where I can get a top exactly or similar like the one on the photo, please let me know!
Cropped Shirt
I've recently been a sucker for cropped shirts and blouses. The peg below came from the online shop I was talking about. Isn't it cute? It's appropriate for casual wear!
Day dresses
I'm in love with day dresses! You can wear them at the mall, or with lunch and dinner dates with your friends and family. It's a perfect outfit if you wanna pull off a comfortable yet fashionable look! I currently have four day dresses in my closet and I can't wait to have more. It would be nice to put on a blazer on top, just like the one on the left side of the photo. Pair it with cute flats and wedges, then you're ready to go!
Mix and match
Every girl must master the art of mixing and matching. From 1 to 10, I think I can rate myself 7 in the mix match aspect. The pegs below are the combinations of outfits that I wanna use as a guide, and perhaps you ladies should try them too!

I love how denim jackets, blazers and cardigan add zest to a plain dress or top. The peg below is very preppy. I might have said I'm a sucker for preppy look, and I would love to try this! Again, if anyone has any idea where I can get these types of clothes, tell me. The lower the price, the better!
This next peg is gorgeous. Very girly, very sexy yet still classy. I need to find the pieces that would complete this look. It's a matter of life and death! Chos! I'm considering using this look for the Candy Fair on September 24. Thus, I need to shop as soon as possible. I think I still have three weeks left!
The peg below shows that you can still mix two prints together. You just have to find the right print and the color tone. The top is amazing! I want the shoes too! 

Bring on the high waist!
The next pegs are all about high waisted bottoms! Lauren Conrad, another of my favorite style icons totally rocked the look. I love how plain, yet fashionable the outfit is. I think it's a basic. Thus, I should use this peg as a shopping guide.
This next peg is more on the preppy side again. I love the print of the skirt. Hmm, any idea where I can get something like this? I think my cousin has one, I'm too shy to ask where she got it though. A little help please! The lower the price, the better! Haha!
The peg below is one of the looks that I'll try. I love everything about it! The hair, the bag, the top and the high waist shorts!
Vanessa Hudgens is rocking the floral look on this peg. Her aviators went well with the outfit too. Very sexy and chic. Must have! Must buy!
The next two pegs are my top 2 and top 3 style pegs that I might consider for the Candy Fair event! Sorry for gushing too much about that affair. Well, it's a meet and greet with the best Candy Cuties..of course, girls should dress well and impress the boys! Who knows.. Get it? Anyway, say hello to floral galore!
Denim fetish
When I don't feel girly, I opt to wear outfits that are surfer girl-esque. Denim shorts are a staple! Pair it with boyfriend polo, a simple white shirt and nice flip flops or sandals and you'll be rocking those shorts in no time! The look is applicable for warm weather, thus it's very casual. So, wear your favorite sunnies with it too! Take it from Kate Bosworth and Ashley Tisdale!

Tricia Gosingtian
Say hello to Tricia, one of the stylish bloggers and photographers around! I love her style on all of the three photos. Super pretty! These looks are also my considerations for the Candy Fair! 
What can you guys say about the pegs? Feel free to comment!

Expect me to have one of the vibe of the pegs come the Candy Fair! Still undecided though. So, watch out for it!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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