Gone for the weekend: All Souls 2011

Last October 31 to November 1, my relatives and I from my mother's side went to Bulacan to pay homage for our dearly departed. It's family tradition, just like all Filipinos would put it. It was the perfect time to get away from the city, have some good food (my lola's dishes are beyond awesome) and just have a little fun on the side. 

October 31 in pictures. On the road. 
Hello, Matt!
Busy Dangwa. We had to stop there to buy flowers. As usual.

Love them to bits!
November 1. Hello colds. I apologize for my sickly looking face on all the photos. There's always that time of the month when I get an extremely runny nose, puffy eyes and I just look so pitiful. But teyhey, but still keri for photo op! I just had to hide my poor looking eyes under the sunnies. Model-modelan moments with Molly! 
(Top: thrifted Shorts: Levi's Shades: borrowed from Molly)
Trick or treat!
Jump shots. Fail.
Love you to the fullest, Fart Queen! :p
Road to Gateway to Heaven. Damn, these tricycles just make everything so complicated.
I got thinner. I swear I did.
The cemetery, Gateway to Heaven, was located at Baliuag, Bulacan. North, it is. Upon getting there, we prayed the rosary, ate chips, spaghetti, had a few drinks and bonded with everyone else. Our closest cousins, Charmaine and Cara arrived a little late. Ahhhh, I missed those girls! We're like sisters. We decided to stroll around the whole cemetery, (tourists sa park lang ang peg) and checked out those mausoleums that were fit enough to be mansions and houses. Some people really place a lot of value to their dead loved ones. Wow. 
We found this photobooth at the tents where pizzas, hotdogs and other items were being sold. Who would've thought of finding a photobooth right in the cemetery right? Knowing me and my cousins, we would always go for any photo op! Hahaha. We spent 80 pesos for two pictures. Fair enough. 
We left for Manila at around 11 in the evening. The traffic along the NLEX tollway was ridiculous that we had to spend about 45 minutes just falling in line. That was about 2km worth of cars all lined up! We got back to Manila at 1am. The trip was that long.
So, how did you spend your long weekend? I wish it was as happy, relaxing and as religious as mine! ;)

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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