Crazy North

Last December 21, my high school barkada held a Christmas party at May Galao's house up North. We were all game even if it's that far because we surely miss the crazy things we do back in high school. The group decided to meet up at Tropical Hut along Mendiola at 12:30pm. Then we left in two groups/two cars. The ride to May's place was sick!! Traffic was bad, but thankfully, I have awesome friends to kill the boredom. We stopped at Puregold first to do some grocery shopping. We arrived at Vista Verde at 2pm. 

May's house is amazing!! They recently had everything renovated and they shifted to a Zen type of design. Kudos to whoever styled it! We were all hungry from the trip, so it was a good thing that they already prepared food. Nachos, pasta! Vodka gummy bears, gin & juice tower! 
Vodka gummy bears!
 The whole spread was wiped clean within a span of thirty minutes! Yes, we were that hungry. Of course, there's never a dull moment when I'm with my high school friends, even more when Patrick is around. He's the funniest in our batch! 

Patrick: Saan nabili yung cheese dip na yan? Sarap eh!
Cassie (me:) S&R daw, sabi nila May.
Patrick: Ah! S&R ba? Sige, bili ako!!
Rianne: Pare, what does S&R stand for? Sige nga!
Patrick: *thinks hard* Uhhh.. SHOP & RIDE?!
Whole group: *bursts into fits of laughter*

Early, pre-tipsy photos. :p
L-R: Rianne, Jeffrey, Hoffman, Patrick, Kevin, Cassie, Pearl, Leslie
Dutchi boy!! 
After snacks, we went up to the tv room, and the guys played some games on the Kinect, while the others played the drums and guitar. Pauline finally arrived after a billion years! We decided to finish the tower and vodka gummy bears. Three rounds did the trick. 
When it started to get dark, we all started to get bored. So, we bought a bottle of tequila, sat on the floor forming a circle and took turns into drinking shots. We turned off the lights, played music and just laughed like there's no tomorrow.
My girls. <3 Pearl, Leslie, Michelle, Pauline, May 
We finished the whole bottle in a span of 45 minutes I think. We left May's house at about 9pm. The journey home was crazy. Eric was supposed to drop as off at Mendiola, but something came up, so he went out of way and dropped us of at the KATIPUNAN LRT STATION. We were like okayyyy. But we found out that the LRT was already closed. It's 10 pm and we were four girls (Pearl, Leslie, Pau and I) and one guy, Rianne. Napasabak ang mga lola niyo! We took a jeep from Cubao going to Stop & Shop, since we didn't have a choice. Road trip! We actually had fun because the jeep that we were in played good music such as "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson, which we truly enjoyed while the cold December air whipped at our faces. We arrived at Stop & Shop at 11:30pm, walked towards Mendiola and said goodbye to each other. I went with Pau to her house and waited for my dad to fetch me. I got home at 1:30. What a night. 

I'm really, really happy that I have a good set of friends that I can take with me throughout the years. 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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