When: December 17, 2011
What: Juneau Christmas party
Where: Tahanan Village, Parañaque City

The title is such because that day, Molly and I wore striped polos, even though we didn't talk about wearing the  same thing. It just so happened that we did. Great minds think alike. It was the annual Christmas party of my aunt's company, where my mom works for as well. I may have blogged about that on my previous rant/bore post, so I'll just share the pictures from the party.

We had a great time, taking photos inside Ate Mau's room! The lighting was perfect and the orange wall blended well with our outfits! 
Ate Lizle!
Cousin love <3
Molly and I watched Javy Gil's video on Youtube. Ohmygosh. He's so freakin' cute, I can't even fathom how much I like him. He speaks Tagalog in a ultra cute and posh manner too! 
Let the camwhoring begin..
The orange wall is TDF!! <3
Lovin' the H&M beanie. Hippie look don't fit me though. :(
Model-modelan ang arrive. My sister thinks that these shots are ad campaign-ish. I don't know if she's honest or just kissing up to me since I gave her a pack of Toblerone today! But lots of people are thinking along the same line too! Thanks for the sweet Facebook comments! Thank you to the bongga hair iron for fixing my hair! Good hair day! 
Polo: Greenhills, Pink tank top: Old Navy, Jeans: Levi's
This one (below) happens to be my favorite shot. So does my sister. So does my cousins. So does my friends. So does my Facebook friends. Lucky shot, I guess. Thank you Molly for taking this photo! xx
Took some photos of Molly! She's all grown up! Ti amo, bellissima! 
After indulging the camera, we decided to go out and "join" the party. 
Mommy and Ate Mildred
Happy girl.
The following photos are taken with the long shutter effect. 

Puppy love. Mallows is cutest critter ever! I'm HAGARDO VERSOZA in these shots. Sorry. :| 
Soderno plans got cancelled because the bottle of Jack totally owned Ate Mau. Molly dozed off while I was blogging that night. Ate Mau called me over to sleep in her bedroom and we ended up talking about random stuff and reading her own poem compositions until three in the morning. We woke up like zombies the morning after. We went home at about 9 am the next day.
Good morning!
It's three days until Christmas and I'll get to see my folks again! More camera indulging moments for sure!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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  1. You guys look great :)

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