La fille s'ennuie

In English translation, bored girl. This is just my own little way of letting time pass, since I'm stuck at this moment when all I can do is stare at my phone, tweet, watch television, act as a punching bag for my little cousins, tweet again and eventually get bored to death. I'm currently in my aunt's house at BF Homes area, for the celebration of the company Christmas party, where my mom actually works for. I actually thought that this will be one hell of a night since my cousins (Molly and Maureen) and I planned to go to Soderno a day before. Soderno is that food bazaar here at the South, which resembles the "popular" Mercato. But, rain is a pain the arse, so plans got cancelled. :|

Molly and I spent half of our time doing a "photo shoot". We both wore stripes today, which was totally unplanned. I tweeted Javy Gil this afternoon just to ask him if he lives around the vicinity (Pergola) so I could treat him to some froyo! Well, I know some shady people will react in a negative manner to this, but lemme tell you this is just a friendly gesture, I'm not pursuing anything else. I'm just doing it as a "thank you" effort because he has been so nice to me! Plus, I promised him I will treat him to froyo months ago. See this post :) Too bad he's not around the area right now. Next time, next time. :| :p

It's Ate Mau's birthday today, and she was supposed to treat us to Flaming Wings or ice cream or whatever. But she just stayed in and downed the bottle of Jack Daniels. :p We played a round of Pinoy Henyo (well actually they did), ate muffins, baked shrimp, sisig, chicken, salad blahblahblah. My dad made the sisig and chicken and it makes me proud to know that everyone appreciated his dishes! 

I spent most of my time tweeting through my phone, watched this John Lloyd-Bea movie on Cinema One, watched my little cousins view annoying Youtube videos and die in boredom because lazy ass Molly is already asleep. It's 12:17 am, officially the 18th of December..and I'm still bored to the core. I wanna go home. :| I'll post some photos in the next few days..

My high school pals are planning to have a Christmas party next week. I hope it's successful or else I might end up looking like this again..
Le sigh. xx

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