Makata Saturday

Makata is the Filipino word for "poetic", and that's what I attempted to be last Saturday. I spend my Saturdays at Palm Towers, as some might know which was a stone's throw from Molly's house. She decided to pay me a visit, so "we" could do her script writing duties for Ibong Adarna. Well, I did most of the work, while all she did was tweet. :p But whatever! I love my cousin to bits, that anything I can do to help her will be fine! Chos. 

We went on a "journey" to Berbanya, and I tried to remember the whole story of Don Juan, Don Diego, Don Pedro, Leonora, Maria Blanca and yes, the Ibong Adarna. I had my creative juices flowing to maximum level, blood as well since I had to do the script in pure Tagalog! 

Disclaimer: I'm having breakouts and zits. :( Sorry for their presence in the pictures. I'm currently on my 2nd day of using Celeteque Acne Control blahblah cream. I hope it works magic! ;)

We always camwhore, so thus, these photos!
Instagram love. <3
We were trying to be jeje swag, sans, this shot..
Favorite shot! Swag o wag? :p
Writer in action. :p
Pimples! :( asdfhjkl
Most overused pose of SOME people. :p
And yes, I'm happy to announce that I survived the grueling task of being a script writer! I finished the whole script in less than 24 hours. Albeit, I did it in screenplay format which contains enter stage left, stage right etc. Cousin Molly owes me! xx

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