Adieu 2011, Hola 2012!

Hello, readers! I'm making this entry thirty minutes before the year ends. Literally, a year ender blog! I would like to share to you snippets and vignettes of how my year went. Well, this year wasn't exactly a walk in the park for me. It was roller coaster ride, a mixture of heaven and hell. There were good and bad memories, but I surely learned a lot from both. I made new friends, and lost a few old ones. Things came up that tested my will to go on, and now I'm here blogging proves that I was a toughie, and I survived! Thank you to those people who shared 2011 with me! Let's continue it 'til 2012 and the years to come!

Here's a photo collage that would give you an idea of my 2011. It was a year filled with family, friends, food, events and such!

I opted to make a photo collage because I'm too lazy to post photos individually! :p Each of these photos carry their own story. And those stories will forever be embedded on my memory.

Now, allow me to share to you the highs and lows of my year in bullet form!

  • Witnessed the week-long celebration of UST's Quadricentennial year with my friends. 
  • NSTP Fieldwork at Bulacan and Bataan. This activity taught me the value of education, and charity, teamwork and camaraderie go a long way!
  • Celebrated the 1st National Occupational Therapy Day, which was hosted by the OT Department of UST. The games were organized by our batch, and I was one of the marshalls for the fun run for disabled people. This event was inspiring and overwhelming, because it made me see the hope that we could give to people with disabilities. 
  • A fight in our clan that tested the strength of my immediate family came up. This would be something I would like to shove into my unconscious state of mind. :|
  • I failed my Physics and Chemistry, thus causing me to take my first ever summer class. It made me feel like such a loser. But, it was an extra bonding time for me and my friends.
  • Before the start of School Year 2011-2012, Vanessa and I encountered a problem with the OT admin. That's something that I would want to keep as a secret. We solved it and came out victorious anyway!! Hihi. ;)
  • Went to a pool party down South with a few of my cousins. 
  • Encountered sleepless nights when first semester started. Third year was very difficult and some subjects were a major pain in the arse. :(
  • I shifted to personal blogging, and thus "gave birth" to this blog page!
  • My crush, Javy Gil, followed me on Twitter and greeted me a day before my birthday!! :">
  • I turned 19 last September 12, 2011. I celebrated it with a girly date and lunch with Vanessa!
  • I attended Candy Fair with Molly. I got to meet Javy Gil and was able to take a picture with him. He's so nice, handsome and so sweeeeet!! One of the biggest cardiac moments of my entire life.
  • Through the Candy Fair, I also met my favorite bloggers Camille Co and Vern Enciso. I also got to take pictures with them too! They are so nice, despite their fame! 
  • October 2011 was the worst month of my entire life! It made me cry a bucket of tears. Things that occurred in that month definitely changed the course of my life, and even placed some things on hold. I felt bitter, I felt resentful, I felt like a total waste. I got depressed. I got sick. I got angry. But my family, friends and God were there for me, thus I got over what happened. It made me realize that things really just happen for some reason, and I should just go with the flow. 
  • November gave me one of the biggest scare of my life! HEALTH SCARE. I found out I was sick. Physically. I went through a series of tests for a whole week, that made me feel like I was a guinea pig. Anywho, I had my tests at UPMC, and I love their state of the art facilities and architecture. I was recommended to a top caliber, Harvard graduate doctor! A shoutout to my cardiologist, Dr. Reganit!! Thank you for being patient with me! ;) 
Here are a few photos of UPMC that I haven't posted anywhere yet. These photos will be a reminder that anything can happen, even to those who don't seem like a candidate for it. Reminds me as well to eat and live healthy! ;)

Now that a year has ended and a new one has just began, I shall put all those bad memories in the past and take the good ones with me. I shall face 2012 with my head, heels and standards high, and I will own it. This I promise myself. I thank God for all the blessings He has given me and my family in the past year, and I pray that He continues to watch over us this year and the years to come! I don't know what's in store for me for 2012, but I'm hella sure that I'm ready to go for a ride! I'm crossing my fingers that it may be mostly smooth. I wish for good health, good life, blessings in studies and in my career path, and a luck in love perhaps? Hahaha! Teyhey!! 

Happy New Year, everyone!! Let's start happy and fresh! Good vibes all the way!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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