Quick Makeover

As I might have said in my year-ender blog, I'll make 2012 my year.. and to do such things, I should welcome such changes. I've been contemplating about what certain changes I should make, and doing something with my hair became part of my list. 
I have jet-black hair, and I want to pop in a little color. It took me a loooong time to decide on which color I should get. People told me to get strawberry blonde, dark blonde or medium blonde because they say that it goes well with my "fair" skin. I wanted to change subtly, hence I settleD for a light golden brown shade. I went to the mall and bought 2 boxes of this:
Revlon Colorsilk Luminista: Light Golden Brown
It's priced at 425 pesos each, a little more expensive than the ordinary Revlon shades, since it's "Luminista", and it gives "vibrant color to your hair". 

Before applying it, I researched on the potential risks of dying my hair, since my dad warned me of such possibilities. I almost choked out of fear when I saw a report that a teenager in UK died after dying her hair, and one teen had her head blown up twice it's size because of an allergic reaction to the product. I was already in two minds, but there was something in me that said, "go for it". I prayed so hard so that the change I'm aiming for that would be done safely. I know it's kinda exaggerated, but when I'm in doubt and in need, praying to the BIG MAN up above just solves everything. :)

I finished the two boxes since my hair is quite thick and a little bit long. I showered, conditioned and voila! I brushed my hair, looked at the mirror and I love the results. It's like I'm a brunette indoors, and a golden blonde outdoors. Something like that. :p

I don't have time to take pictures because I have tons of stuff to do today! It's my cousin's wedding tomorrow! I need to pick up my dress, get a mani pedi, waxing and threading! I'll just take pictures of my new fringe at the event!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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