Hitched: Maan and Jeff

January 7, 2012 -- a very fine day for one lovely couple who has withstood the test of time, 14 years to be exact. What started as a "study group" in their sophomore year in Ateneo, turned into a blossoming relationship that led to an elegant wedding ceremony. They are truly a very inspiring couple! And I'm proud to say that I was there to bear witness to another milestone of their love story. Congratulations to my lovely cousin, Maan Mina-Bayot and welcome to the family, Geffrey Bayot!! :)

I woke up pretty early last Saturday at around 7 am (that was early for me), took a shower, fixed my stuff and went to Molly's place for hair and make up. I had my hair curled, and people were complimenting me that it went well with my hair color. :) I finished preparing by 12, but I still had to wait for the others. We left the house by 2pm, just in time for the 2:30 schedule of the wedding, which was at Magallanes Church.
With the maid of honor, Ate Mau and Molly
Beautiful cousins inside and out! ;)
Then we saw the cool vintage bridal car, and the bride was inside it! Well, duhhh. 
Major photo op with everyone else..
Me and my beautiful mommy!
The wedding started at exactly 3pm. The entourage started to walk, then it was the turn of the bride. Ate Maan's entrance was very glam, spell pak na pak!! The doors of the church swiveled open, then she entered in her pristine white, tiered, Swarovski crystal studded gown! The groom started to cry, so did she, so as the bridesmaids and so did I! 
Post-wedding ceremony pictures! I belong to a very vain clan, I guess camwhoring is in our genes.
With granny goose. :)
Fave girls! 
Bride's mom: Tita Lina

After the billion years of picture taking, we drove to The Palms Country Club at Alabang for the reception. It was a 10 minute drive from the church, so we got there in a jiffy. The place was amazing and so neat. The hall or for the venue was designed beautifully. I was in awe! Good job to the coordinators! Can I just say that the food was awesome so as the desserts! Yummy in our tummies! 
The bride and her siblings!
Knowing my family, or the whole clan, we turn traditional events into more fun ones! It wasn't just a wedding reception, it was one hell of a party! The newlyweds made sure of that! ;) Me and my cousins took the dance floor like there was no tomorrow. We danced sexy, crazy, techno, robot until we were out of breath. Albeit, we were wearing 3 inch and 4 inch heels!! Just imagine us doing the dougie, or dancing to the tune of "Footloose" in sky high strappies! :p
Cake love!
Doing the bride's favorite pose! ;)
Too giddy for words..
Why so happy guys?? :p
Thank you to Juicebox for their amazing service! Their frozen mojitos and lemon drop shots were my favorites! They're just like juice, you can't even taste the strength of the alcohol! :p
Frozen mojitos for the win!!
And yes, 14 year old Molly drinks already.. :p
With Kuya Jeff! 
We drank and we danced until it was almost midnight. My feet were hurting so much, so as Molly's, and we ended up taking off our heels and walked barefoot for a few minutes ala Cinderella! :p Since we were all dolled up for the occasion, we decided to have a mini-photo shoot. We did poses that we never tried before! Havey or waley?!
Well that's just some of them!! Last pictures for the night! 
Complete photos are posted on my Facebook account! Can't put 'em all here, can I? ;) Nothing beats spending time with the family. Nothing compares to witnessing happily ever afters! Makes me long for mine too. I know it's there somewhere. ;)

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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