Hello, my loves! I haven't posted anything here for like three weeks, so I decided to come up with this message. I don't know, but I just feel like explaining my side on why I haven't posted. I'm pretty sure no one religiously follows this little I call a "blog", so yeah. Whatever. 

I've been extremely busy with school and I've totally buried myself in acads. I barely turn on the computer during class days which is Monday to Saturday to save myself from cyber temptations. Well, just so everyone knows..I'm currently happy with this new phase in my life. I'm very warm towards all the changes that happened recently. I would want to keep it that way. 

Anyway, just a little update. I finally have a dog again!! It's a male shih tzu and I decided to name him Coco. He's currently 3-months old and I could swear that he is the cutest thing ever. A legitimate furball. Thanks so much daddy!! Grooming him isn't the easiest thing. I even have to dry his hair with a blower. Geez, I don't even brush my own hair. Lol. :p I'll post some pictures of him when I get the energy to do so. 

I've become less of a mall rat ever since school started. I've changed a lot in terms of the "outgoing" stuff. I need to keep my act straight and never make the same mistakes again. I've recently found a sort of inspiration to make me extra ecstatic to go to school, though. Oh yes, I have a crush. I feel so high school for saying this but he really does make my days in school a little bit happier. PBB TEENS?! 

Oh, just a random little thing. I'm planning to color my hair again. I'm thinking reddish light brown, strawberry blonde or medium blonde? Which is which? 

I named this post as such because I shall take a break from blogging. This ain't goodbye, it's just "see you later". I'll be back real soon because I'm working some stuff right up my sleeves. Stay tuned!!

Avec amour,

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