Fat Girl Diaries: Buffet 101

As others might know, I'm a sucker for good food and I really don't fail to indulge myself with such. My love for food translates to how much I like buffets. I eat like a monster. Last January 5, the Juneau staff (the company I "work" for during my free time) went to Buffet 101 for lunch. It was such a fun affair since these people are already like a family to me. I've known them since I was like a toddler. :)

Anyway, moving on. We chose the branch at Seaside Blvd. (near Mall of Asia) since it's the closest to the office. We had confirmed our reservation a couple days ahead but a dilemma still got in the way. The receptionist had trouble with our table and reserved seats good for 10 people instead of 15. Bummer, right? Good thing the delectable food was able to cover up the whole thing.

The lunch buffet was from 11 am until 2 pm, I think. We stayed throughout the entire schedule and I seriously came out of the place with a huge tummy. Can you blame me? Buffet 101 has a huge selection of international dishes that ranges from Japanese, Italian, Cantonese, American and so on. Their dessert area will make you come back for more. The panna cotta is for the win! 

Let me narrate in pictures.
Juneau girls (L-R: Ate Mildred, Ate Jen - cousin of mine, yours truly, Mom)
Juneau Family :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon around the vicinity. We tried the MOA Eye which costs around Php 150 per person for a 10-minute ride. It was really worth it since it was a little sightseeing spree. Simple things = j'adore. <3

My dork picture of the day:

Avec amour, 

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