School Girl Diaries: Dream Team

Throughout the span of years that I have been a student, I have met tons of people from all walks of life. Being a student entails me to be flexible in terms of dealing with the people in school. Group tasks aren't inevitable and let's face the fact..we can't always choose who we work with, right? I've been in situations wherein I'd rather work alone than work with my group since they are a major pain in the buttocks. There were also those times when I became part of a group that was so efficient that it was smoother than smooth. 

When I became a new student just last year, worries started pouring in. I was starting to fret that the people in my new school might be the "hard to work with" bunch. Luckily, I was paired with the BEST group for this semester. Why best? There are 3 reasons why:

1. We're all friends. 
2. Our ideas interconnect well.
3. No pressure. Just pure fun + camaraderie.

The sem started a little bit rocky for our group, since our first output got a "mehhh wtf is that?" reaction from our blockmates and from our professor (major ouch alert). We felt sort of demoralized, but the situation somehow triggered our drive to do better. 

Our strategies and perseverance earned us top spots in the two consecutive activity written and oral defense papers. Don't get me wrong. I ain't bragging, I'm just saying. While some people downplayed our abilities, we just worked quietly until we came up with our finished work. Easy peezy, no pressure ;)

I totally love this group! I feel proud that I'm a part of it. :)

We decided to come up with a name, so we called ourselves: DREAM TEAM. Keri? 

The photos above were taken last Wednesday. That day, we slaved on doing an Instagram-ish developmental milestone poster. We really had no idea about the pattern, so we just worked on our own instincts. Some people gave us the, "ano yan?? parang ewan" look which was annoying. :p

During one of our "brainstorming" sessions at a fast food chain. Idk who took those photos though. How sneaky... 
Photo 4: Excuse my ugly handwriting. That was just for a draft! 

And yes, we do eat at the carinderia. Hihihi they have the yummiest and cheapest foods. :p

Avec amour,

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