Life of a generic CRS student: Day 2

We got back from the long weekend yesterday, and I was all like, "You call that a vacation?" I came to school looking so disheveled, again. I was feeling so dizzy, totally feeling like crap. For some reason, I wasn't able to sleep the night before, thus, causing the dark circles under my eyes. 
First class for the day was Anatomy lecture. The preliminary grades were discussed. Le sigh, I failed again! But, I can pull it back up. I just need five points. Thus, I need to focus. The whole discussion was very informative, went on smoothly and I think I fared well in the "retention part". As soon as the class was over, I took my bag and left the room immediately. 

Mirror check. I call that hair, "bruha" look. Others reckoned it's the "after sex" hair. How I wish!
I think my dizziness came from the fact that I did not eat my breakfast that morning. I wanted to get something that would satisfy my craving and fuel me up. Mcdonald's seemed like a good choice for me. I got myself Crispy Chicken Fillet with rice and their signature hash brown. My favorite! Nomnomnom.
After eating, I went to the library to rest since we had a 4-hour break. See, I'm not that type of person who goes to the mall or elsewhere during long breaks. I call myself a sleeptard. I always sleep whenever there's a chance. But then, I realized that we had a quiz on Physiology the next day, so I brought out my book and "studied". I attempted to make a reviewer, but I ended up making a reviewer of one chapter out of ten! Beat that!

The long break went and ended so fast that I had to drag myself to the fourth floor of the Medicine building to attend Anatomy laboratory class. Here's a picture of me in my friends in our laboratory uniforms. 
We're on our finals period already. We had to dissect the lower extremity of the cadaver. Gluteal region, thighs and the legs. What a tiring period that was! I went home all sweaty, with my head still hurting and my legs feeling all cramped. I didn't have time to rest once I reached the house. I had to do 5 pairs of origami to be passed the next day. I looked for different sites for the simplest origami steps. I ended up making dogs, rabbits, koalas, cats and pigs!
I finished making the origami at about 9 in the evening. I had a quick dinner, took a shower and reviewed for my Physiology quiz until about one in the morning. 

So, there's my day 2!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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