Life of a generic CRS student: Day 3

Hello, dear readers! Let me tell you about Day 3! The third day fell on a Thursday, so it's TSOT class again. 
I started my day pretty early, arriving at school at 8am, an hour and thirty minutes in advance of my Physiology class. We had a quiz that day, so as soon as I arrived in school, I opened my book and studied the remaining hours away! Our professor arrived at exactly 9:30. I feel so anxious every time I see him. Yesterday was no different. We were given 20 minutes to answer the quiz worth forty points! Fuck. But, I think I fared well in the quiz. For the first time this semester, I was confident about something! 

We were given early dismissal, allowing us to have a longer time for lunch. Vanessa and I ate at Lolo Max's! Thomasians and people at College of Rehabilitation Sciences would know his place, where the most lip smacking fried chicken, pork chop and gravy are served! I swear by this! I could go to Lolo Max's every day, but I'll never get sick of eating anything that they cook. 

After lunch, we went to the 6th floor for TSOT class. Vanessa and I were the early birds as usual, so we decided to bum around. 

I was looking for a snack, then I instantly remembered the brownie that my friend, Mark Ligon gave me. Thanks, brotha! This brownie is like a mixture of oatmeal, caramel and chocolate. Very tasty! I love it!
Our origami was due that period, so I brought them out so I can take photos of them. I apologize for the ugly end product, I'm not the artsy fartsy type! Say hello to my animal origami!

Here's my friend, Vanessa enjoying her colorful origami! 
We were told to bring clay for the clay diorama. I was extremely bored so I molded a figure. Say hello to the voodoo doll version of me! 
That's the end of my Day 3! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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