That day I decided to be a loner

Things at school were pretty light yesterday. We had our last General Physiology class with a little twist. Our professor checked the attendance, and made an effort to look at all our faces. I wondered why he did that. Just as though as he read my mind, he explained, "I wanna see your faces for the last time. So I know who you guys are when I make the grades." That scared me. Merlin, hope I pass. I gave it my best shot, anyway. 

I love taking random snapshots of people around school, most especially when I am bored. So, here are two snippets that my viewfinder caught.

Long line for the ATM. Looks like they need moolah, huh?
My friend Vanessa, saw this Canon Pixma printer, being sold at the Medicine Building lobby for Php 1,500.00. She bought it, and had the unfortunate task of carrying it for the whole day. Cheers to her pa-cute face.
After school, I went to Robinson's Manila to stroll around and do some window shopping. I did this by myself. When most people would sulk and complain about being alone, a little "loner" time is just fine with me. That's how I roll. I think I went around the entire mall for three times, until my legs were hurting. I found lots of good styles of clothes and boy, almost all my favorite shops are re-stocking. I'm making a mental note to visit once I'm ready for some Christmas shopping!
Walking around made me hungry. I was craving for something light, something oily and something street. Eww, right? Then, I found this stall! I bought chicken skin, one of my favorites, for 24 pesos. I'm pretty sure this one's cleaner than those beside the road..
After finishing the chicken skin, I realized I was craving for ice cream. I went to Mcdonald's to buy Choco McDip..which was extremely messy to eat. One fact about me is that, I absolutely hate eating ice cream served with a cone. I tend to go in cups. 
Whenever I go to the mall, I make it a point to go to Powerbooks or Fully Booked. I could spend hours or even a whole day in that place. I came out of the store with a lengthy list of good reads. Those books will be part of my birthday wish list. Anywhooooo, I took a picture of "THE ETERNAL ONES". My sister has spoiled the story a bit for me, since she was able to read it online. No one will stop me from buying this. I think I'll grab a copy this sembreak!
"How do people find each other again?"
"All I know is that we're drawn to the people we've loved before."
"I look for you in every life, but I don't always find you. And sometimes, I find you too late."
My idea of a great story! Can't wait to read this!

When I got home, I found a balikbayan box from our relatives abroad. There was a bag, that carries a tape with my name on it! It's a leather Anne Klein bag!! I super love it! It's big enough to carry my stuff. It looks sturdy as well.
Love the details!
Very spacious! Me likey!
So, that's just an idea of one of my normal days. Finals are coming up and I'm pretty stressed. Passing all of my subjects would be one of my October wishes. I'll seriously go nuts if I fail one subject, because it'll cost me one whole year. Wish me luck!! Merci! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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